Monday, November 30, 2009

The Scarf -- Part One

He stood by the window, hands in his pocket staring out into the city. Framed by a background of burnt orange brick and steel, he stood there waiting. Had he been waiting long? Her lips curved with a smile with satisfaction in the fact she’d made him wait for a change.

The apartment was bare except the king sized Californian that centred the spacious studio. Walls of pristine white inched up and large windows glared out to the city below, exposing what this was. A meeting of two people, that couldn’t meet anywhere else.

He stood, unaware in his dark snug jeans, and black battered leather boots. The white v-neck hugged his chest, pinned with a simple yet classy waistcoat that cinched at his waist shaping a well toned chest. One that she’d spend a good few months crawling over.

“Sorry I’m late.”

He didn’t turn towards her, he just smiled out to the street. She dropped her purse and closed the door behind her, slipping her key back into her jacket pocket.
Was it weird she had a key to an apartment that just had a bed in it?


Life may have kept them apart, but money kept them in touch.

She smirked at the long blue floral scarf draped around his neck. She’d left it here last time... last time they’d...been together. He’d kept his eyes shielded, like they kept this part of their lives shielded from reality.

She popped open her shirt cuffs and reached down for her shoes.

“Leave them on.”

Still he stood, quiet and didn’t turn towards her. Her thighs were already wet thinking about this man all morning in her boardroom conference, how one word, one look or one tiny action from him could make her fall apart

That’s how they ended up in this position, well and many others.

“You gonna talk to me? Or just brood?”

“Are you wet for me?”

And there it was, a simple line delivered with such damage, it made her toes curl.

“Maybe.” She popped the first button of her shirt and let her jacket pool to the ground and walked up behind him. “Are you hard for me?”


She chuckled and snaked her hands around his waist from behind sliding her hand under his layers and feeling the soft belly hair rub against her palms. So soft, and so warm and a little bit lower, yes so hard. “Liar.”

He groaned, “I just wanted you to touch me.”

“You only have to ask Jon.” She let her hand slide up and down slowly, dragging her nail down his shaft, her nipples pinched through the silk of her shirt, “have we had a hard day?”

Conversation never went past small talk, they knew enough about each other and enough to warrant precaution around the circumstance. He mmm’d and sank forward into the window as she continued to stroke him.

She knew two Jons. One that would rip her clothes off the minute she walked in the door, and take her like she’d never been taken by anyone. Or, the silent one she had to coax, had to be needed and paid attention to until he warmed up. Of late, this was the Jon she was seeing more. Although conversation didn’t go past this room, and what they would do to each other she knew something was weighing heavy on his shoulders.

She pulled out her hand and he grunted. She tugged the scarf gently so it slid off around him, and hung it around her neck while she turned him. She pulled off his glasses, and his blue eyes that rivalled the bluest oceans were clouded. “Well we can’t have that now then, can we?”

Her fingers climbed up to his neck as she traced under his chin, before slowly across his lips. They parted for her, so she pressed her own against them. Heat flooded her, right down to her toes as she took each drop of him in. His mouth, in her opinion was made for kissing. Tongues tangled, and breath climbed as her hands shot up into his hair.

Her hands lowered and started to pop open his waist coat buttons, “I can only be here for an hour.”

Her heart skipped when he braceleted her wrists. “No, I need you longer than that.”

His eyes flashed dark, and her stomach fluttered.

“Ok, ok...I’ll see what I can do.”

Damn it, he always had that ability to make her change anything for him. They never discussed past just making more time for each other, they knew the boundaries after that. She pushed the vest off and pulled up the tee shirt over his head. His eyes fell soft as she reached up and kissed him again, her hands tugging at his jeans.
The kiss went from sweet to hot, as he stepped her backwards until the back of her knees hit the bed. He was coming alive under her and taking control, she needed to take it back. It was time to teach the man a lesson in sulking.

“Stop. Right here.” She reached up and wound the scarf over his eyes and tied it loosely at the back.

“Baby – I—“

“Shush. Just trust me Jon. Let those inhibitions go.”

She led him and pushed him down, stripping him of any clothes he had left. He grabbed her hand but she pulled away, letting only her fingertips brush over each part of him that she could.

He reached for his blindfold but she grabbed his hands, “Still.”

She felt the growl in his belly rumble as she pressed herself out against him. “Trust me Jon,” she nipped at his ear and then down the long thick line of his neck to his chest. Kissing each pec she shimmied down, stopping to lick the tip of each nipple.

“And if you take that off, I’ll stop.” She smiled into his belly as she dragged her tongue down over his navel. He wriggled a bit before he stilled. His skin was warm against hers and he smelled like the ocean, somewhere she wanted to escape. He was her escape, so often when all was crumbling on the outside, she’d held it together knowing that a few hours a week, sometimes not even a month depending on his schedule. She’d have this. And no one could take that away from her.

His cock lay up against his thigh as she took it and ran her hand down his shaft slowly. His hands fisted in the sheets above her as she slowly took him completely into her mouth. She hummed along his length and let her teeth scrape sensitive flesh, as he hissed and bucked beneath her.

She cupped him with her other hand, and gently squeezed his sac, in co-ordination with her strokes.

“Shit,” he muttered as the day burned thick down on them through glass.

“Need to see,” he murmured, “need to see you...”

She stopped and looked up at her lover, masked. She missed the aqua eyes that usually burned down at her, sated and full. She drew a lazy circle around the tip of his cock and held it as let nothing bit her warm breath touch him.

“Fuck this,” he went for the blindfold but she was quicker, she snapped her fingers around his wrists and held them shifting her weight up his body. She straddled his waist and then held both of his wrists in her hand, and whipped off the blindfold.

“Tell you what, you can watch...” she wound the scarf around his wrists and pushed his arms back above his head, arching his body up more into her. His eyes widened, and his lips curled.

“You’re so in trouble when this over baby. You better clear that pretty little calendar of yours tonight. Because when I’m done with you, you’re in deep trouble.”

She laughed and leaned forward, her lips barely brushing his chin. “Oh yea, looks to me though you’re in a bit of a bind.” She sat back up feeling his cock bump against her ass, as she unhooked the buttons of her shirt, and shrugged it off. The red see through lace had the exact intent as she watched his eyes dart down and then stifle a groan.

“You know what that does to me,” he cursed low. Damn right she did, which was the purpose, her limited relationship with Jon, some could argue was one of the most intimate. She knew the things that made him tick, lingerie and heels was one. And she also knew the places also, the spot right behind his ear, or the spot on his balls she pressed that could make him cum in an instant. She knew it all.

She drank him all in, his biceps bulged above his head right down to his tight nipples on that spectacular chest. She dipped down, pressing her breasts against skin and rubbed the lace, causing friction against her nipples causing her to moan and her eyes roll back.

“Fuck me.”

He twisted and lurched, desperate to pull the knot apart from his arms and growled when it wouldn’t budge. “Release me.”

She looked up, the devil was dancing in his eyes. If she released him, she was in serious trouble.


She nipped and licked her way back up to his mouth, claiming him with all she had. Sin and lust poured between them, and his body wriggled impatiently between them.

“I need to see, all of you.”

She wrestled out of her skirt, pleased when he studied the matching part of the set in awe. With both of her knees on each side of his hips she ground against him, letting the sweat and sex soak their skin.

She popped her bra, letting her breasts spill out, watching his mouth open in reaction. She wanted nothing but that hot mouth all over her, devouring her until she couldn’t scream any longer. The man behind the mouth, knew everything about her that no one else knew. How to make her beg for mercy and weep for joy, all in five minutes.

He knew her.

She slid her hands up to his shoulders, and prepared to take him.
She moaned when she lowered herself down on him, and stayed there. He struggled to move within her, and she was holding everything not to let him go, flip her and drive her home screaming.

She arched back exposing herself fully to him, creating the smallest of frictions between them. She wanted to get lost in him, drown in him as so often before. Lean thighs quivered below her, and she grinned letting her hair fall around her shoulders.

“Killin me,” his voice barely a whisper as she started to move slowly.

“Tell me how.”

His eyes flicked back to hers and hooded, “you’re evil, did you know that?”

“You’d be bored if I wasn’t.” She settled her palms on his chest and stilled herself.

“Tell me what I do to you.”

He rolled back his head against the pillow and groaned. “I love pushing you to your limit. I get off on your pussy, locked hard around my cock.” He met her eyes again and they grew dark.

“Why do you get off on that? Because you get pushed to the limit Jon, is that it?” she slammed down once and felt the moan from his chest. “Am I your drug Jon?”

“Yes,” he shouted as she swivelled around moving his cock deeper inside of her. She liked being someone’s drug. She needed to be somebody’s drug, this is why this worked.

She continued and slowly moved up and down taking him harder, taking him deeper. Her nails pierced his skin and she felt herself rising, the white heat burning in her body right to her fingertips. She reached down, determined to come before him so he’d break.

“Oh god –“ she threw her head back and let him wash over her, in the same instant that he broke his bind and flipped her back.

“My turn,” the smile was pure evil soaked in lust.